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Our Slogan says it all, We love hiring drivers for our clients.

Placing Good Drivers, In Good Jobs all day everyday.

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Hot Seat Services is proud to be a one stop shop for anything and all things recruiting.

We want to offer all we have to help you in filling your trucks.

Third Party Recruitment

With core values of Simple, Honest Recruiting in place and serving as the cornerstone of this service, its no wonder why this is the most popular choice amongst our carrier clients.

We believe there are multiple parties that benefit from these values and proper implementation of such. If the driver gets honest recruitment then they should have proper expectations, with that the driver starts off on the right foot and all parties are happy. We understand that not all do business this way and that’s why we think We’re Special. We want you to know we are not looking to just help you make hires but instead we want to help you hire valued teammates that will help your organization grow from within.


Lead Generation Management

There is so much more to signing some papers, watching a fancy launch video and reading a great graphic email roll through your computer. To make a successful driver advertisement campaign it simply MUST WORK!!!

With this being said, we don’t set it and forget it and wait for you to call with issues or complaints. We monitor your ads daily and report back regularly to you on how everything is going. Here your ads will have a sound strategy behind them and some extreme exposure thanks to our partnership network. This unique partnership allows us bring our “A” game to the table to help fill your trucks. Your Ads, Your Leads, Your Hires!

Consultations and Training Workshops

The world of recruiting is always changing and it is a well known fact to be successful you must always must be embracing the change.

How can we help here you ask?

Well, IT’S SIMPLE ..

Let us help from setup and training of your applicant tracking system to refining its role and user friendliness within your company. We can assist in setting up basic tools like marketing, reporting, auto replies, Text/email responses, Manager access, job listing interfaces and more.

Maybe you need some training for new recruiters or ongoing training for your existing ones?

We have you covered at Hot Seat Services with our trained staff eager to help make Hiring Drivers Your Jam Too!!!


Let our trained recruiting rockstars take the guess work out of your recruitment efforts today. We place our people into your existing recruitment efforts to hit the accelerator in your driver placement plans. Skilled in utilization within the multiple applicant tracking systems, drip campaigns, boots on the ground phone pounding approach. Our people will take your workload and exhaust all avenues to get your offer in front of that driver. Let our team of passionate recruiters show you why Hiring Drivers Is Our Jam!

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