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Being built by a driver, for drivers we keep in mind “If the wheels aren’t turning, you aren’t earning


What can we do for you?

What we can do for you.

One Application

IT’S SIMPLE, With one application from you we can place all our carrier lanes at your fingertips. We find out what you’re looking for, what matters to you most and we present offers that line up to that. We will explain both good and bad of all options and await your decision to proceed. We don’t share your data or application with anyone until you pick a lane and carrier and from there they get it and no one else.

Honest Recruitment

We want you to be happy and make money. To do so we found that being straight shooters who inform drivers of the good and the bad about each offer helps all sides involved. We pride ourselves in making sure you land somewhere that makes you happy and money!
We live by the Three MUST’S
Must Make Sense
Must Make You Happy
Must Make You Money

Best Rated

If you do good business, good results follow. This sums up what we are about, as all we care about is Placing GOOD DRIVERS, IN GOOD JOBS!
Because of this our feedback from drivers is outstanding and the best part is THEIR OFFERS MADE SENSE, MADE THEM HAPPY AND MAKING THEM MONEY!

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What the Truck

FreightWaves – What The Truck

On today’s episode, Dooner and The Dude are finding out how to take the tension out of recruiting and retention. Is there a nationwide truck driver shortage and if so, why? We’ll dive into it.

Plus, keeping bandits away from your freight; OOIDA urges truckers to fight 556% insurance hike; pallet shortages; survey of motorists’ reckless behavior should be wake-up call for commercial fleets; Illinois trucking company with history of HOS violations files Chapter 7; truckers implicated in multimillion-dollar U.S.-Canada tobacco smuggling ring; and cicadas — they’re what’s for dinner.

They’re joined by special guests Robert Moffitt, EVP and director of operations for New Legend Inc.; Max Farrell, CEO of WorkHound; Charles Gracey, president of Hot Seat Services Inc.; and Krenar Komoni, CEO/founder of Tive.

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Recruiting and Retention Tips From The Best

“Be flexible and supportive.” Charles Gracey is so dedicated to recruiting and helping drivers that he literally practices 24/7 recruiting; he makes himself available at any time to talk to a driver. Flexibility is necessary to effectively recruit drivers because you need to work around their schedule. Gracey stresses the need for constant communication with recruits and being sympathetic to the driver’s needs.

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Recruit and Retain Trucking


The most popular reasons drivers give for leaving a job
The importance of being personable when recruiting drivers
How Charles vets potential drivers
Don’t look to recruit drivers, look to recruit team mates
How Charles splits his day between his recruitment, retention and marketing efforts
Charles’ process for driver retention
What it takes to be a top recruiter
Using social media in your recruitment marketing efforts

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